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Saltwater Fish

We have the largest selection of saltwater fish in Sonoma County, we work to bring in all the most popular fish from Show Size Quality Angels, Triggers, Tusk and Tangs to small Gobies and Blennies & everything in between.

We pride ourselves in bringing in not only the normal saltwater fish people want to see (yes kids you can always find Nemo and Dory here) but we also bring in the more rare and unique species too, come in and perhaps check out a Radiata Lionfish or Scribbled Boxfish, there is always something new or interesting to see.

We also bring in all kinds of amazing inverts, Urchins, reef lobsters, starfish, snails, clams, several species of shrimp & crabs. Even people without a home aquarium love to come into our store and look at our fish.

Nowhere else in Sonoma County can you come and see a Blue Spot Stingray or Amazing Horn Sharks in our back display tank… Every week is a Shark Week at Under the Sea Aquatics!

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