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Corals, Anemones & Frags

We have a great selection of Corals and are always expanding our coral inventory; we keep stocked up on both beginner soft corals and LPS & SPS hard corals. (come look at our coral selection and you’ll find all types of Plate, Brain, Torch, Hammers, Mushrooms, Scolymia, Zoas & Star Polyps & much more). Check out the Aquariums and Stands for Corals and Anemones.

Is coral a plant or an animal?    Corals are mammals.


In contrast to plants, corals cannot produce their own nourishment. In truth, corals are animals. The branch or mound that we commonly refer to as “coral” is actually composed of thousands of polyps. A coral polyp is an invertebrate with a diameter ranging from a pinhead to one foot. Learn more about Coral.

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