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Fresh Water Fish

Freshwater Fish Store


Under the Sea Aquatics is a freshwater fish store in Rohnert Park that services all of Sonoma County. We have a very large selection of all the freshwater fish such as Barbs, Gourami, Molly’s, Goldfish, Loaches, Tetras, and more!.

We also keep several different species of plecos from the common to the Exotics. lots of Cichlids, like Africans, Peacocks, Green & Red Terrors, Rams, Sevrums, Discus and more. Exclusively locally bred just for us - Angelfish.

We bring in 100’s of freshwater fish each week & with over 3000 gallons dedicated to freshwater aquariums, you’ll be sure to find something that you love.

From tiny pygmy cory’s to giant arapaima, we bring in great quality fish for you, & if you don’t see it just put in a request and we will try to find it for you!

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